Autonomous, Electric, Emotional: The Future Plans of Maserati

              Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Six years after its premiere in 2014, Maserati plans to launch the Alfieri.

              The Fiat Chryser Group sets the course for the future of Maserati. The plan envisages huge investments, a model offensive and a lot of new technology in the near future.
              Already in early 2019 announced the Maserati boss Harald J. Wester in the main plant in Modena, that the parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) wants to hold on to the traditional brand as well as the factories in Italy. Now the sports car manufacturer has further fleshed out its plans for the future, announcing billions in new models, electric drives and autonomous driving skills. The plans for the future include a five billion euro investment package. The money will flow, among other things, into new production facilities in Modena, Cassino and Turin. The brand Maserati should therefore continue to stand for "Made in Italy" in the future. In addition, even battery electric models should carry the DNA of the traditional brand in itself. New sedan The first new model will be the extensively revised Ghibli, which will be unveiled next year. In addition to conventional drives, there will be the upper-middle-range sedan with a plug-in hybrid drive that allows purely electric driving over smaller distances and, thanks to its low standard fuel consumption, also receives a brand-positive CO2 emission rating. For the Torino-produced Ghibli, Maserati announces automated driving on Level 2. In the near future autonomous driving skills like automatic lane changes or a safety stop should be possible. New sports car Maserati has also announced a new sports car model. Most likely, this will be the already presented in 2014 Alfieri, which was announced as a coupe and convertible version. The sports car, now available in 2020, will be available with both conventional and electric drive. First, the coupe starts in 2021, the Cabriolet follows.New SUV Also in 2021 Maserati will also bring a compact SUV below the Levante on the market. An investment of 800 million euros has been estimated for the development and construction of corresponding production facilities in Cassino. New edition of the tried and testedThe Italians also want to invest the same amount in the new editions of Granturismo and Grancabrio, which therefore remain in the portfolio for the long term. The same applies to the Quattroporte and Levante series, which will receive fresh cell treatments in the coming years.

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